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Building food security through access to benefits

Building food security through access to benefits - Prosper Canada is working in partnership with North York Community House (NYCH) and e4c delivering Access to Benefits (A2B) services to evaluate the extent to which these services lead to increased food security for people living on low incomes. A2B services are designed to address the barriers people face accessing benefits, including lack of proper identification or bank account to receive automatic deposits, difficulty gathering documents, language or literacy levels of forms, or fear or mistrust of the government. These services include supporting individuals to access income-boosting and expense-reducing benefits (e.g., Canada child benefit, transit pass). 
Project objectives:
  • Develop a Theory of Change of the relationship between the delivery of access to benefits services and income and food security. 
  • Determine the food security status of clients served by two community service organizations prior to receiving Access to Benefits services
  • Evaluate the extent to which receiving Access to Benefits services leads to increased income and food security.
This project is made possible through the generous support of the Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security.