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Financial Literacy and Coaching

Prosper Canada Centre for Financial Literacy works to improve the financial knowledge and wellbeing of vulnerable Canadians by increasing their access to quality financial information, education and counselling.
Our work builds on evidence showing that the following approaches have been successful:
  • Local financial education and counselling networks and referral mechanisms
  • One-stop financial help centres in neighbourhoods  where people can get free financial education, help tax filing and accessing benefits, and financial counselling.
  • Building financial education and counselling  into municipal social service and employment programs to improve client success rates
  • Using common metrics in financial education and counselling programs to evaluate individual/household progress toward financial security
  • Standardization and credentialing of financial education and counselling services and providers, building on these metrics.
We envision a future in which all vulnerable Canadians have access to free, high-quality, and unbiased financial information, education, and counselling when they need it.


Access resources to help you and your organization implement, deliver and evaluate your financial empowerment activities.