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Prosperity Gateways - cities for financial empowerment

Expanding access to financial empowerment supports for Canadians living on low incomes nation-wide.

Turning city services into Prosperity Gateways
Prosper Canada is working with cities to expand access to financial empowerment supports for Canadians living on low incomes nation-wide. By building financial help into city services like employment, housing, social assistance and healthcare, cities can enable residents to move from poverty to prosperity and improve service outcomes.
Financial empowerment enables cities to reduce poverty and costs 
Cities can tackle poverty by offering free financial empowerment supports to residents. Supports like financial coaching/counselling, tax clinics and help accessing benefits improve participant income, saving and debt levels, enhance credit scores and reduce financial stress.
How Prosper Canada can help

For help identifying, planning and implementing financial empowerment integration opportunities, please contact Prosper Canada. We offer:
  • A structured, human-centred consulting process to help cities to identify, design and integrate proven financial empowerment services into municipal programs and services and to scale these sustainably.
  • Staff who are skilled in research, project management, service design, policy and fundraising.
  • Connection to our North American network of financial empowerment leaders, including practitioners in your community or region.
For more information contact Marlene Chiarotto at email: or tel: 416-665-2828. You can also read the Prosperity Gateways Primer to learn how cities can create Prosperity Gateways in communities today.

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