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22 August 2018
Allyson Schmidt is a financial empowerment coach at the Credit Counselling Service of Sault Ste. Marie & District (CCS) where she helps clients reach their financial goals by connecting them to helpful resources and services that can help improve their financial well-being. Since April 1st of this year, CCS has helped clients access $1.1 million in benefits through ta...
21 August 2018
Katie Walker, Social Worker, The City of Edmonton The importance of supporting education after high school to increase financial capacity building is a well-known strategy in the area of financial empowerment. For the Edmonton Financial Empowerment Collaborative and the City of Edmonton, we have been providing train the trainer sessions to service providers directly ...
21 August 2018
ABC Life Literacy Canada Thirty years ago, students were able to pay for their own post-secondary education by working summer and part-time jobs. These days, if a student is lucky enough to land a summer job it might pay for their textbooks – maybe. It is estimated that the full cost of a 4-year undergraduate degree from a Canadian university in 2035 could cost over ...


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17 August 2018
Author: John Cockburn
We are bombarded daily with advertisements to buy newer phones, faster computers, fancier cars, and trendier clothes. We're told that we have to have the newest of eveything in order to keep up with our peers or we risk not being accepted by them. It's not fair or smart, but it's the reality we live in.

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