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2 August 2019
Last year TD launched The Ready Commitment, their new corporate citizenship platform targeting $1 Billion by 2030 in four key areas:    financial security  a more vibrant planet  connected communities; and  better health  As part of this commitment, TD partnered with key non-profit partners, like Prosper Canada...
1 August 2019
In today’s non-profit landscape, there are challenges that are common to many organizations. Lack of resources, funding, sustainability, and an increasing demand for services, often result in difficulty building capacity. The magnitude of these issues can be quite daunting however, there is a burgeoning appreciation for the benefits of creating critical partnerships...
31 July 2019
By: Sophie Roussin, Union des consommateurs English Union des consommateurs est un champion de l’autonomisation financière qui travaille en partenariat avec Prospérité Canada sur le projet de champions de l’autonomisation financière. Dans le cadre de leur travail visant à étendre le soutien en matière d’autonomisation financière au Québec, l&rsqu...


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1 August 2019
Author: Wendy Abbott-Serroul
Collaboration literally means co-laboring or working together. It is truly the essence of teamwork when people come together to accomplish a common goal. 

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