Prosper Canada - Parners in Financial Empowerment September 2015 | Issue No. 15

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ABLE Speakers: Ray Boshara, Jennifer Robson, Eldar Shafir (left to right)

Counting down to ABLE 2015 - November 2-3

The ABLE 2015 Financial Empowerment Conference is almost here and excitement is building as we finalize details and gear up for what promises to be an informative and highly engaging conference. National leaders and more than 300 stakeholders from almost every province in Canada will be joining us to help kick off Financial Literacy Month (#FLM2015) and participate in a range of sessions designed to move the financial empowerment field forward.   Read  

Highlights in this Issue

What's New

By Theresa Micallef, Communication Manager, Peel Children and Youth Initiative

Enrol by Six & the Canada Learning Bond

In 2011, the Peel Children and Youth Initiative (PCYI) Board of Directors, a collection of leading decision makers in Peel Region's child and youth-serving sector, endorsed three strategic priorities for PCYI. One of these - the Enrolled By Six: Peel Postsecondary Strategy, aimed to encourage families to establish Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) for their eligible children and to enrol them in federal government's complementary Canada Learning Bond (CLB) program.


By Donna McBride, Director of Operations, Momentum

Financial Empowerment in Calgary

Wow! A lot can happen in a couple of years. Since 2011, the Financial Futures Collaborative has been operating in Calgary as a network of stakeholders committed to building the financial literacy and assets of all Calgarians, particularly those with lower incomes, through collaborative action and systems change.

Learn about Financial Empowerment


Meet three MPower Money Coaching Program coaches

September 30, 2015

We checked in with three financial planners from the MPower Money Coaching Program recently. Meet Ann Josephs, Colin Barry, and Sebastien Skupek and learn how they’re helping make a difference in the lives of people living on low incomes


Highlights from the Field

Financial coaches for the MPower Money Coaching Program

MPower Money Coaching Program provides free financial coaching to people on low incomes

If you missed the launch of the MPower Money Coaching Program in June, read the media release to find out how we’re mobilizing, training and supporting professional financial planners as volunteers to provide free financial coaching services to Toronto residents with low incomes.


Prosper Canada French website now available!

We are pleased to announce the launch of Prosper Canada’s French website. Visit to access financial empowerment information and resources in French.


New program provides Financial Empowerment services for Ontarians living on low incomes

Thanks to new funding from the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services, an innovative Financial Empowerment and Problem Solving (FEPS) Program that currently provides financial education, advocacy, and problem-solving services to people with low-incomes in three Toronto neighbourhoods will be renewed for two more years and expanded to two additional Ontario communities.


Capital One embarks on financial coaching project for people living on low incomes

Prosper Canada is pleased to announce that it has received a generous grant from Capital One to launch an innovative, new, financial coaching pilot project. The funding will allow us to develop and test different approaches to integrating financial coaching into existing social services, using trained community organization staff.


Financial Literacy training for facilitators moves online!

Our first online financial literacy training course for facilitators will be kicking off this October, following on the positive feedback we received from our pilot course last May.



The following resources may assist you in your work:

*FCAC’s Canadian Financial Literacy Database

*A Tale of two trends: David W. Rothwell and Jennifer Robson

*Peel Children and Youth Initiative, toolkit for service providers

*Payday Loan Report, Consumer Council of Canada

*2014 National Conference on Financial Literacy, post conference report


Which of the following interventions can help people living in poverty to quickly boost their incomes?

Upcoming Events

October 17-18, 2015
2015 Canadian Personal Finance Conference (Toronto)

CPFC15 is a two-day personal finance conference.

October 20-21, 2015
Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) Conference 2015 – Nonprofit Driven (Toronto)

Nonprofit Driven is the platform to connect, share knowledge, celebrate successes we can build on and steer future change together.

November 2015
Financial Literacy Month

November 2015 will be the fifth anniversary of Financial Literacy Month (FLM) in Canada.

November 2-3, 2015
ABLE Financial Empowerment Conference (Toronto)

Learn about the latest developments in Canada’s financial empowerment field.

November 15-21, 2015
Education Savings Week

Mark your calendars and join us to celebrate Education Savings Week from November 15-21, 2015!

November 30-December 1, 2015
Pathways to Prosperity Conference (Toronto)

The theme of this year’s conference is Responding to a Changing Immigration Environment.


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