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Removing barriers to tax filing


For Canadians living with low-incomes, tax time is an important opportunity to access a wide range of federal and provincial income benefits. However, many people with low incomes experience barriers to tax filing that prevent them from accessing important income benefits. Prosper Canada is conducting research to explore why some Canadians with low incomes do not tax file and access income benefits they are eligible for, and to inform the development of effective solutions that will help increase tax filing rates among this population. 
This is a three phase research project that will run from April 2016 to December 2017. The first phase of the project explores the state of the field of practice through literature, a national survey, and expert interviews with community leaders who help people with low incomes file their taxes. The second phase of the research examines the state of research on this topic by reviewing work from academics and think tanks on barriers to tax filing. The third phase employs a financial diaries methodology to directly engage Canadian households living on low incomes on the barriers they face around tax filing. 

This project is funded by Intuit.